Off Limits

     Alex loved his job but sometimes it could be a pain in the butt. Being an undercover agent was his childhood dream and he made it a reality after years of training.

     He was seventeen when he applied for the school. They didn’t take him seriously at first but after multiple attempts they finally accepted him. From that point on he was determined to make it. And now at twenty three he has it as a full time undercover agent.

     You could call him a work alcoholic. He never sets time aside for an outside life. He wasn’t always like this. When he was still in the school, his last year in, he fell in love with a girl. She was his whole world. But being in the workforce for the government didn’t work out with that relationship. He had to leave in the middle of dates with no explanation, he was to secretive she told him. And after a while she got fed up and left him. He swore to never date again and that part of his life was gone.

     That was how it was until his life got flipped upside down by this new job.


     “Look, I just need to to give me a minute to think about this”

     “We don’t have a minute Alex, you’re the best man for the job! All I need is for you to sneak around a bit, gather information, and dip.”

     I sighed. There was no way I was going into a college. No freaking way. It held to many memories.

     “Sir, I don’t think-“

     “You don’t get paid to think, you get paid to act. It’s a done deal here, kid. You go as a transfer student and you learn who’s making the pot deals and you leave. Simple as that.” He closed the folder as to signal the conversation was done. Picking up the hint I sighed once again and stood up. Jack could be a pain but he knew what was best. And I didn’t really have a choice if I wanted to or not.

     “Alex, you’re a great kid ok. That’s why I want you on this job. You know how to work your way around. If I put any other guy out there their cover will most likely be blown in a day. College kids are smart, and the drug dealers are smarter.” Jack said as he walked towards the door. He put his hand on the handle and looked at me.

      “You’ll do great. The past is the past, don’t let it come between you and your career.” And with that, he left.

     I sat back down with my head in my hands and groaned. He was right, the college kids would sniff out the other agents in a heart beat. But why am I different? It’s not because the age, there was plenty of agents younger than me. And why now? Why do I have to go back to a college now? Next week is the anniversary of when Sarah and I first met. Sure it wasn’t the same college I would be going to but it a college none the less.

      Massaging my temples I got up and walked back to my office. It was small and a little messy on the count I slept here sometimes. There was no need to but I just didn’t want to go home most days. I sat down and opened my laptop. A bunch of emails popped up on the screen for the new job. I’d be flying out tomorrow at 6:00 am sharp.

     This was going to be a long month.

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