inspiration page

On the right is a collection of writing prompts which I will continue to add to. Below, I have included some flash fiction sentences that I wrote and an idea board I created which will hopefully help to inspire you if you are struggling with ideas. 

Let me know if you have anything to add to these pages. If you have done any flash fiction or writing from 10 – 500 words I would be happy to include it on to the idea board. Have fun!

There are twelve gods, who each rule for a single month every year, determining the fate of the world. Your character needs to find a magical object to help save their family, but what will they do if the gods are against it?
Every year, two are chosen as Seekers, ten as Hiders, and they compete in a deadly game. This year, the role of Joker will be added, and your character has been chosen to play it.
Every night, your character has a strange nightmare. When the clock turns midnight, the monsters appear from the shadows. This night, they force themselves to stay awake, and as the clock reaches 11:59, they see shapes stir in the darkness...
Your character is on a walk with their sister. She seems determined to get to the destination. As they venture deeper into the forest, the character sees their fears reflected in the environment, for example always hearing the swarm of bees, or smelling blood in the air.

inspiration board

This will hopefully help inspire you in your next piece of writing! If not, you can leave feedback at the end of the form. Thanks!

flash fiction

Friends. A shot, a scream. Until death tears them apart.

I wave to my reflection, grinning. Its eyes flicker with crimson.

Behind me, chaos and destruction. Ahead, a flicker of light.

Snatched souls. Thousands killed. War rages. The revolution has begun.

I whisper goodbye. Can she hear me from the stars?

The books have gathered dust. The worlds within remain bright.